Current Classes

Patty teaches weekly Viniyoga classes in Ridgway at the locations listed below.

These classes are maintenance and therapeutic in nature. Patty helps you utilize your breath to gently stretch the body to a more relaxed state, creating a strong foundation from which everything else you do can grow with ease. 

Patty believes that yoga gives us the opportunity to listen to ourselves. She creates a space in which all practitioners can listen and discover what's best for them and their bodies. Through listening, adapting and modifying to your specific body, the depth of the stretch brings strength. 

All ages and abilities are welcome!

If you would like personalized support contact Patty about private sessions.

When & Where

Regular classes are Monday evenings, 5:30 to 7pm, Mtn time and Friday mornings, 9 to 10:30am, Mtn time via Zoom.

Patty will be taking a break from 12/15/20 until the New Year !!  The regular class schedule will resume Monday evening, 1/4/21.

Blessings for the Holiday season, stay safe and know that you are love !!

Be in touch if you'd like to join in.

Namaste,  Patty

Contact Patty for more information.

Class Prices

Drop In - $15.00

3 Classes - $39.00

5 Classes - $60.00

10 Classes - $110.00

65+ Drop In - $13.00

65+ 10 Classes - $95.00

*Cards expire after 3 months.